Monday, August 29, 2011

How to Build a Bookshelf Part 1

First we measure! Decide on... 
1. how big you want the overall bookcase to be
2. how many columns
3. how many shelves
4. and draw up your diagram. 

Here are my measurements, mine is 5.5 feet by 6.75 feet, so it is pretty big, I would not go any longer than 30" between columns as your shelves will start to sag. 


  • 3 Vertical pieces of MDF cut to size (side, middle and side)
  • 2 horizontal pieces of MDF cut to size (top and bottom)
  • # of shelves (only purchase and cut these after you have put EVERYTHING together so that you get the perfect fit.)
  • 2 large flat pieces of wood (it is the flexible wood that you will put on the back of the book case.
  • Base Boards
  • Crown Molding
  • Miter Saw (we bought this little yellow box with a hand saw that lets you cut the molding at an angle)
  • Metal Shelve holders? (the little metal things that go in the holes to hold the shelf up.
  • 2x4s cut to size for the base (4 pieces)
  • paint and varnish
  • wood putty
  • sandpaper
  • drill 
  • screws
  • finishing nails
You start with the base than go from there. Download my step by step instructions HERE.

Your bookshelf should look like this after part 1.
Please excuse the awful picture!

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