Thursday, October 27, 2011

Like Audrey

What do me and Audrey have in common you ask? Well it could be the grace, the style, the sing-song voice OR her bangs. Yes I have Audrey's Bangs--not by choice, but rather by having a baby. It is a common pregnancy side affect. You may be suffering from Audrey's Bangs if you have the following falling out in clumps, baldness, fresh hair growth, need for washing hair everyday since the new hair sticks up in the mornings, and an excessive need for hairspray. It is said but true, I am suffering from Audrey's bangs and I am convinced that this trend was started by women who had recently had a baby. Now the question is should we try and bring it back?


Mary Susan said...

I found your "I love to see the temple" print on Pinterest and have fallen in love with it!!

I was glancing through your blog, and noticed the zebra print coat on your little girl and recognized it. Then I kept scrolling down and saw a picture of your sister and mom.

My husband and I are great friends with Alexa and Garrett! We have actually been to your parent's home a couple of times to stay with them. One time for a fun visit, and the other last Thanksgiving. My husband even went to Mammoth with your family last year!

The first time we were there, your mom showed me the zebra jacket to see what I thought because I have a little girl myself! I told her it was super cute, and I am glad to see she didn't return it, as it looks darling on your little girl.

Anyways, a small world! I love all of your prints.

Natalie@ Parade of the Day said...

I have definitely heard them talk about you guys! Nice to "meet" you!

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