Friday, September 2, 2011

How to Build a Bookshelf Part 2

Next comes my favorite part. The wood putty, wood putty is like a makes everything better. Without the wood putty the molding in the corners did not match up at all. So here we go...

  1. Put wood putty on all corners of molding and holes where the finishing nails are. Let Dry.
  2. Sand wood putty down so that it matches the curves and looks like a corner.
  3. Measure out the distances you want your shelves to be (the heights) than measure how long each shelf should be in its SPECIFIC spot *This is where we ran into a problem we measured the width in only the middle of the column and used that as our length, then when we went to put them in realized our bookshelf got skinny towards the top (yes the poor girl is bottom heavy) so we had to saw down the edges which was a pain, just ask my husband. 
  4. Go to home depot or your hardware store of choice (home depot will cut everything for you, lowes...not so much) and have your mdf shelves cut to your specifications.
  5. This is where i put beadboard wall paper on the sides to make it pretty, you could do that to the back OR a cute wallpaper would look pretty peaking behind your books. I suggest Graham and Brown wallpaper, Martha Stewart's is the same price but thinner!
  6. Paint everything. The back boards, the molding the shelves EVERYTHING.
  7. Drill holes where you want the shelves to be. I did 2 on each side.
  8. insert metal shelf holders.
  9. Insert shelves
  10. Fill up with books and pretty things!

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