Monday, September 5, 2011

Morning Sickness Care Package

Nothing says "I'm pregnant" like heaving up your lunch in the Costco parking lot, your car, work bathroom, and many other inconvenient places. Everyone says ignorance is bliss, boy was I blissfully ignorant till about 7 weeks preggo when I was hit with this little thing called "Morning Sickness." Who ever came up with that name clearly was not a woman. More like ALL THE TIME SICKNESS. I had it pretty rough, "it will go away after your 1st trimester" this is when I decided my Doctor and Nurses where lying to me. Unfortunately I threw up till about 5 months along and was nauseous till the day my sweet little angel was born. So after this trial in my life I have an extreme aversion to the stomach flu and feel incredibly compassionate towards woman who are going thru this, (even if the little suckers only get it for the first trimester). I came up with this Retching Care Package that contains some of my favorite tummy soothers (and by soothing I don't mean it will go away, just make you feel a tad bit better). So YOU can download My little tags HERE and make your own! You're Welcome.

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